Monday, March 16, 2009

I loved the opportunity to sing and prepare for the Howells and the Martin. As a theater director, I'd find certain plays, not many, but a few, that, no matter how long you rehearsed them, seemed to still have more to the miracle of the loaves and fishes or some endlessly replenishing spring of clear, fresh water, the possibilities grew more plentiful the more you worked. The Martin, for me, was that. Once I kinda sorta had the music, I had only begun the journey latent in that amazing piece. I feel almost guilty for having only gone thus far and no further. Sunday it worked. Irridescent haired Lance and I hugged right after we finished. Temmo smiled. But I could easily linger longer with the Frank Martin Mass.

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  1. WORD, Dave :) Usually after the concert weekend, after listening to the music over and over again (both in my car and at work), rehearsing it, pondering and performing it, I take it out of my car stereo and move on to the next practice CD... That CD is still in my car stereo. I just can't get enough!